Digging a hole to China

Anna Glynn

Digging a Hole to China

Digging a Hole to China is the working title for the development of a unique site-specific performance in the Australian landscape.

The work explores the childhood of Australian artist Anna Glynn and her connection with Chinese artist Wu GuoWei.

In 2001, Anna created an extraordinary new series of paintings collectively titled Strange Memories, evoking memories of her childhood on the family farm by the Yarra River in Warrandyte, Victoria. These 100 acres had been Anna’s home from 1958 – 76.

In 2006 the Strange Memories artworks were invited to China as part of the 1st Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai Art Fair and it was here that Anna first met artist Wu GuoWei. It was immediately apparent to both artists that their paintings bore extraordinary similarities: a strong connection to the natural world and childhood as well as a surreal, dreamlike style. The artists were born within a year of each other in the late 1950s but into two very different cultures – rural Australia and communist China.

Digging a Hole to China explores how Anna’s childhood home conjured the artwork that in turn conjured Wu GuoWei, and how the landscape acted as the portal between cultures, with Anna and Wu GuoWei becoming each other’s distorted reflection -  “Alices through the looking glass”.

This will be a piece of image based theatre for children and adults alike, a unique interaction with landscape, story and art during a promenade outdoor performance.

The first major development of this work will take place in April 2010 with the support of Nillumbik Council through a Laughing Waters Artist’s Residency.

Director and co-creator: Anne-Louise Rentell

Art Director and co-creator: Anna Glynn