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Photos: Jessica Millman

Cows on Crown

As part of Viva la Gong Festival 2007, Cows on Crown was a one-off site specific promenade performance exploring the history of five sites along Crown Street in Wollongong’s CBD. Inspired by the book Tales from our Streets: a Photographic History of the Illawarra by Anne Wood, the performance investigated the previous sites of the Globe Lane Amusement Garden (now the David Jones’ car park), and the Crown Cinema (now a shopping mall) as well as the significance of the Wesley Church and Ethel Hayton Walk in Wollongong’s entertainment past.

Each site presented its own entertainment interlude, including a cow choir singing sea shanties outside the Wesley Church. As the performance progressed from the top end of Crown St, “cows” were herded until the full herd and the audience gathered in Civic Plaza around a giant grand piano for a finale of ice cream and music.

Concept and direction: Anne-Louise Rentell
Artistic Realisation: Peter Dalmazzo, Janine Hilder, Heidi Hillier, David Kemmery, Anne-Louise Rentell, and Catherine Woodger

Performers: Peter Dalmazzo, Jill Darville, Mark Douglass, Harry Gale, Lesley Goldacre, Janine Hilder, Dhananjaya Karunarathne, David Kemmery, Emma Lockhart-Wilson, Kathryn Orton, Tori Sheridan-Brown, Corinne Sherratt, Lou Thom, and Catherine Woodger.

Supported by Wollongong City Council Cultural Services